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Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Ethos represents a completely new approach to wood fire design.

Engineered to beat the tough clean-air emissions standards in New Zealand, these freestanding stoves and insert fires are environmentally friendly in performance and with an amazing range of bespoke colour options you can now choose whether to make a bold statement or have a more discrete aesthetic.

The unique Econ-Air flue system isolates the fire chamber from the room, giving great efficiency and eliminating air transfer from the room to the burn chamber. Draft free operation and full performance in old and new homes alike.

Burn less wood, get more heat, and protect the environment. That's our Ethos.





Based in Switzerland, Geneva Lab adds simplicity to sophisticated electronic products. Experts from a range of industries – including industrial design, fashion, and technology – hold our creations in high regard for their distinct balance of performance, simplicity, style, and sustainability.

Over a decade ago, we took the home audio market by storm. Geneva Sound Systems were the first high-end, two-speaker stereo systems to be built into single cabinets. Each system was made from high-quality materials and finished to an immaculate standard. Patented technologies enhanced the stereo field, which was a huge leap for the home listening experience at the time: industry insiders long said that high-quality stereo sound was unachieved in a single unit, but we proved it was possible. WIRED magazine crowned Geneva Sound Systems the “Steinway” of the audio world, with other systems merely toy pianos. It was a world first.

Legendary manufacturers have since followed our pioneering approach, but none have matched the simplicity and sophistication of our method. Revered for their rich heritage, incredible sound and striking look, the Geneva Sound Systems of today grace leading fashion stores worldwide.

This passion for innovation, design and ease-of-use pushes our dedicated development team forward every single day. From our all-in-one hi-fi systems to our elegant portable DAB+/FM/Bluetooth speakers, we aim to create products that are a joy to use, a pleasure to live with, and that give music lovers around the world incredible sound quality without compromise.





In 1800, William Herschel was testing filters to help him observe sun spots. When he used a red filter, he found there was a lot of heat produced by the light. Interested to discover more, Herschel split the sunlight into its different colours using a prism to measure the temperature of each.

He positioned another thermometer outside the last visible colour Red, as a control to measure room temperature. However, Herschel found that this final thermometer was reading more than all the other thermometers in the visible light bands!

He therefore concluded there must be a heat-producing invisible wavelength below (“infra”) the colour red and it became called “InfraRed”.

We are building on Herschel’s legacy and are pioneering the use of Far Infrared to heat people and buildings in more efficient, effective, stylish and comfortable ways than many traditional forms of heating.

We call it “Comfort Heating”

Our range of Far Infrared heaters is the most comprehensive in the world. We have high quality heaters to suit almost any application, inside and out, and combined with our control systems, are at the forefront of the revolution in heating.





UK based Systemline delivers high specification integrated audio systems for domestic and commercial applications.

Intelligent products like the E50 powered active keypad allows easily integrated audio, with wireless connectivity and the ability to run multiple sets of speakers directly from the keypad. Having both wireless and a wired aux input means hotels, guest accommodations, and home users can enjoy high quality audio from local sources such as TV's, as well as streamed audio from phones, and other bluetooth sources.